About the New Jersey State Plan

The State Plan Update Map Viewer provides a window into how the NJ State Development and Redevelopment Plan has helped to shape New Jersey's growth since its 1985 inception and the 2001 update. The Viewer is powered by Rowan University's NJ MAP project. Users can explore the patterns of development and open space and the geography of the state's diverse communities and natural resources. This map viewer aims to inform all stakeholders in the update process in order to facilitate a future state plan that best enables a sustainable future.

The Goals of the SDRP are:
  • Revitalize the State’s Cities and Towns
  • Conserve the State’s Natural Resources and Systems
  • Promote Beneficial Economic Growth, Development, and Renewal for all Residents of NJ
  • Protect the Environment, Prevent and Clean Up Pollution
  • Provide Adequate Public Facilities and Services at a Reasonable Cost
  • Provide Adequate Housing at a Reasonable Cost
  • Preserve and Enhance Areas with Historic, Cultural, Scenic, Open Space, and Recreational Value
  • Address the Negative Impacts of Global Climate Change
  • Prevent the Concentration of Adverse Environmental Impacts in Overburdened Communities
  • Ensure Sound and Integrated Planning and Implementation Statewide
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    NJ MAP utilizes best available data from a variety of sources. These sources can be made available so users may assess the integrity and objectivity of the data. While attention is given to present the most up-to-date information, The NJ MAP Team, and its funders, assume no responsibility for the spatial accuracy, completeness or timeliness of data used, and expressly disclaim any and all responsibility for errors, misinterpretations, omissions or other inconsistencies depicted arising from or otherwise related to the maps maintained within this site.

    Maps and data sets found on this site are for planning activities only and cannot and should not be used for any regulatory purposes - this applies to both the parcel and state-wide levels. The information on this website should be used only as a guide; an on-site investigation is the only true way to know which features exist on the ground.